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Residents at Cogir homes are helping keep people in need warm this winter!

Thursday December 13, 2018 Residents at Cogir homes are helping keep people in need warm this winter!
Thursday December 13, 2018

During this time of generosity, residents at the Cogir group’s private retirement homes across Quebec are very proud to donate the fruit of their labour to help families in need. Since the start of fall, they have been hard at work knitting thousands of wool items and making over 55 “Santa sacks” that will be given to the Société de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and its partner organizations throughout the province in the coming days. 

In addition to keeping people in need warm this winter, the activity was very beneficial for residents, who got to socialize and feel helpful while enjoying their knitting and recalling fond memories of their childhoods. “Our residents immediately embraced this cause. Many residents already knew how to knit, but knitting to help people in need was a wonderful journey they could be very proud of,” said Jean Trudel, Regional Manager for Cogir Real Estate. “Unfortunately, many seniors don’t have close family. This activity brought people together and made them feel useful. Knitting is also an excellent way to maintain dexterity, concentration and creativity,” added Marie-Josée Tardif, Nurse and Senior Regional Manager – Health Services.

Each residence designed and created unique pieces—from tuques, scarves and mittens to sweaters and socks—for every member of the family. “We let the knitters make the pieces they wanted, which means we have items for babies, children and adults,” explained Annie Fex, Coordinator of Project Management and Recreation Development for Cogir Real Estate.